What Sets Learning ESL Apart from Other Online English Language Schools

At Learning ESL we are dedicated to giving students an online education that sets a new standard in learning. Our teachers are professional career oriented individuals from the United States and the United Kingdom, who have committed their lives to education.

Who should take our classes?

We encourage children and adults of all levels to take our classes. We think that people who have a desire to learn in a more culturally rich, and educationally dynamic environment should definitely give our classes a try! Because all of our teachers are native speakers, and create their own curriculum built to serve your needs and desires, we think anyone who wants a new and exciting learning experience should take our classes.

So what can a student expect from a class at learning ESL?

Whether you are taking 1-1 or group sessions, students can expect to have a fun and informative experience. Our teachers are carefully selected, and we are a small company, so you won't just be a number. We work hard to tailor your lesson to your needs and interests. Our classes run 45 minutes to an hour on a four week schedule. Having four week terms gives you a chance to get to know your teacher, but allows for flexibility in your commitment to classes.

How does our creative lesson approach delivers a better education?

We utilize standard teaching practices and prepare students according to known methods, such as TOEFL, and CEFR ( Common European Framework of Reference for Languages), but we also allow for teachers to add an element of creativity to their lesson planning. This means that you will also be getting an authentic conversational English experience. Allowing for creative lessons, means that students will also learn more about the cultures of different English speaking people and places, preparing them for study, work, or travel abroad.

Why is it important to get to know your online teacher?

Getting to know your teacher allows for you to have a more enriching learning experience. Your teacher will get to know the specific things you need to improve and to excel in your language learning. As well, you can begin to get more familiar with the specific English type and region you are interested in (United States, or the United Kingdom). If you already have plans to study or work in an English speaking country, it is good to choose a teacher from that region so you can get to know the culture and differences in the English language. We provide options for many different backgrounds of teachers. We have teachers from the United States and the United Kingdom from all different kinds of professional backgrounds - from business to art.

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